EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management)

services are services that consist of the integrated management of all phases of an industrial project, from design to construction, through procurement and supervision of the works. EPCM services offer the customer the following advantages:

Cost reduction: the customer does not have to pay the cost of the General Contractor, but directly stipulates contracts with the sub-suppliers of products/services, saving from 10% to 20% on a project managed with the EPCM formula compared to the EPC1 formula.

Time reduction: the customer can start purchasing the main machinery, with long delivery times, before the detailed design of the entire plant has been completed. In the EPC formula, however, the customer must wait for the General Contractor to define most of the elements before signing the contract1.

Better control: the customer can keep the entire construction process of their system under control, from design to equipment selection, from procurement to assembly, from commissioning to final testing. The customer can also count on the support of a team of experts who support him as Owner Engineer or as engineering manager (EPCM) of the construction of the plant1.

Sustainability: the customer can evaluate and reduce the environmental, social and economic impact of their plant, thanks to the use of innovative tools such as BIM (Building Information Modelling), which allows you to create and manage a three-dimensional digital model of the plant, which contains all the useful information for its design, construction and maintenance2.

Among the EPCM services that can be offered to customers, there are:

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Engineering: design of the process, plant, infrastructure or building, using BIM as a modeling, simulation, analysis and optimization tool2.


Procurement: management of supplies, selection of suppliers, negotiation of contracts, control of the quality and delivery times of the materials, equipment and services necessary for the construction of the plant1.


Construction management: coordination of construction activities, supervision of work teams, monitoring of costs, times and safety, resolution of any critical issues and guarantee of compliance with technical and regulatory specifications1.

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